[Flash Warning]

Edited April 2020.

Water carries a history with it. These pictures were all taken in a park in Japan, and music was made using a game called Mountain by David O’Reilly. What started as an experiment for creating my own sound, turned into this abstract montage of pictures. largely inspired by a music video I had seen a long time ago. First, I improvised a tune using the game Mountain which allows players to play a xylophone-like instrument while watching stuff happen to this mountain. After I had the track, I gathered the images I wanted to use. I recalled some burst shots I took back in a park in Shibuya on my way to my internship. I used these and another set of bursts I took near my dorm. I combined these and created this abstract montage that picks up pace as the video goes along to reach a climax. Towards the end I included video of this particular light I had shot in a brand new building in Shibuya. It had these steps that had pulsating lights on every edge. The shot I used was just of one of them. The pulsating movements, the water droplets, and the river are all made up of particles that must’ve traveled thousands of miles and must’ve been around way longer than any of us. I got to thinking of the kind of history they carry with them, if only there was a way to know. For now, these particles are part of this montage that represents the sweet and the bitter moments of life.