Edited April 2021

Star Witness by Neko Case

This is the second video that I have shot and edited entirely on my phone. Much like the previous video, I was inspired by looking around and listening to music. Initially I ha another song in mind, Bonfires on the Heath by The Clientele. However, I was re-listening to the song by Neko Case as I was reviewing the shots, and I thought it was a better fit. These were all taken in my backyard, and in our fire-pit. It was rather risky getting those burning newspaper shots, since the heat from the pit overheated my phone at one point. It was fine after a while, but I was scared for a good second. I like visuals that make me fall in love with the song, to me that’s what makes music videos great!

I do not own the song used in this video, and I do not make money from this.