Edited May 2020.

2AM fatigue induced dreaming.

I’m not too shy about using my own features for video projects. It can have unique and interesting results, but often times it won’t reach that ideal image I had in my head. Nonetheless, this project was another attempt at creating something without the use of borrowed material. The singing voice is me, (heavily auto-tuned), and I am reciting a short poem where I evoke the fake persona of the kind of person I rather despise. The music was also created by me, and it was a good attempt at creating it with a structure. The look, the sound, and the content was rather inspired by Kaputt (who would’ve thought?). Unlike the other projects inspired by their music, this one is the most complex one (yet). The most difficult part about this video was timing the computer setup. I used a total of 4 screens and did my best to play the 4 separate videos to match them all. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it looked good enough. I’m proud of the boundaries of comfort I pushed for this video, and I will use what I learned to make better stuff in the future.