Edited and presented on March 2020.

It was the last project I would present before universities closed their dorms and the rest of my classes would be taken online. The presentation itself can be split into two parts, the chaos part, and the peaceful part. The footage and the audio were taken while on a train ride in Japan. The additional background noises were of demon growls, raid sirens, and explosions that were found online. I mashed these together in the first part to create a sense of the visuals descending into “madness.” The peaceful part was inspired by a beautiful poem from a great documentary called Strange Victory, a work by Leo T. Hurwitz. The documentary is as gruesome as it is passionate in describing the political landscape in America post World War and crying out for a better tomorrow. The poem hits emotionally hard in the documentary, so I narrated it in it’s entirety for the peaceful part of this presentation. The background was created with p5js code.