Edited June 2019.

As our final project with Okayama Denim, the owner, featured in the video, and I worked together to create this mini-documentary. The overall project was a challenge that put together all the skills I built up over the years. The documentary was part getting street b-roll footage, part interview, and part pick-up shots that fit the spoken narration. For the b-roll, Mehervan took me around Shibuya and showed me some of his favorite spots. From dining places, to street corners, upon other businesses. It was fun getting to know these places, and I adore the idea of including them in this documentary. These places will live-on in person and as they’re seen in this video. It makes me wonder what will be different about them if I were to come back to these places. We documented the history of Okayama Denim from its beginnings until the present, as we look towards the future. I’m glad to have worked with Okayama Denim, and I’m excited for what they’ll be doing going forward.