Edited April 2019

Short teaser for the ODPBJ002 Kakishibu Jeans, specifically the hand-painted patches they came with. It shows a portion of the process of making these jeans where the patch is being painted. This short teaser was carved out of almost two hours of footage from multiple angles. It took some time to figure out which footage to present, but we ended up liking the flow of these bits. It’s a shame the rest of the footage won’t be used, as much as i feel like this teaser did do justice to showing off the path itself. In retrospect, I learned that improvising shots during the shoot will only make it harder when it comes to putting them together in editing. I went overboard getting a lot of cool shots and angles that I was overwhelmed when I was labeling and organizing afterwards. So, having limits (and a solid plan, of course) was a must from then on.