Edited March 2019.

An advert I created for the ODJB016 “Dog Days” Selvedge jeans. Shot on-location on a nearby park. It was the first time I had ventured out of the office to shoot a video. The previous video I had the comfort of not having to worry about the weather, and being able to control my lighting. With this project I had to shoot it over the span of two days because I needed the sunlight, and the location I chose was covered in shadows for the most part. So, it wasn’t the most convenient location, but it was perfect for showing off green and gray colors in the background, and served as a sort of show stand for the jeans themselves. At the end I’m proud of how the location worked out. The editing process began by finding the stand-out clips, then editing those into a rough cut. Once I felt the cut had a good flow to it, I then added fitting background music. I wasn’t cutting to the beat of it, so I only had to worry about the music fitting the pace of the edits. Plus, I had shot most of these in slow motion, which helped no only with the smoothness of the camera-work, but it also allowed me to have the flexibility to match the pacing I wanted. Overall, I enjoyed working on this project. I had to take a different approach with it, since most of my creative work is centered around a piece of music. In this case, it was the opposite, where the flow of the edit guided the background music. After all, the point of the video is the piece of clothing itself, not the audio. Still, I’m glad my supervisor shared my vision in the vibe of this project.