Edited February 2017

Blue Monday by New Order

What started as a video concept based on the color blue, turned into a short music video that was meant to test my first extensive use of After Effects. This was around the time a friend introduced me to the band New Order, and so I had their hit song just stuck in my head since then. I had been watching their music videos as well as those from their time as Joy Division, more specifically the music video for Atmosphere was a big inspiration for this project. The rest of the concept was to visualize as much of the instrumentation of the song as possible in the span of three days. It was my method of rationalizing the images I get whenever I listen to certain songs. I can visualize the layers and the shape that they take, so this video was also a method of scratching that itch.

I do not own the song used in this video, and I do not make money from this.