Recorded, edited, and scored by me on June 2020.

I was inspired by a certain style of crude animation. I love the mix between 3D backgrounds and 2D foregrounds, and this is another attempt at experimenting with this format. The concept that inspired this project was the idea of growing up and leaving the past behind for good. My family was getting rid of some of my old toys and I was choosing which ones would be donated or thrown away. one toy that I enjoyed playing with a lot as a kid, was my old marble run set. However, I didn’t just use it to run marbles through the different courses. These plastic tubes when stacked, looked to me like a bunch of different things. They could look like futuristic buildings one day, or old temple ruins the other. I loved to build “pretend cities” as a kid with whichever toys I had at my disposal, so often these marble run sets would end up as background buildings. Here, that old set stands as Pasadela, the place Rubii had been looking for. Rubii herself was designed after a character I saw on a sticker pasted on the art building in my college campus. I just thought it was cute. The visuals further tested my skills in After Effects. It’s nothing complicated, but I had to be thorough to get them right. Finally, I was very proud to have made my own soundtrack for this project. Usually I rely on found music and music I like to listen to, but I decided to not do that for this project. The tracks during the peaceful dream sequence were inspired by two song specifically: Dark Side of The Star by Haruomi Hosono, and Aphex Twin’s Aisatsana. The tracks in the film were my attempt to replicate their sound and feeling. And speaking about music, the track Where Are You Headed To? by Yukihiro Takahashi, directly influenced the quotes spoken by the cube. I think they sound beautiful, as if they’re something you would ask a loved one. It’s sweet! Growing up is confusing, weird, and scary. It’s good to know that in the end you’ll most likely be fine.

The music was made by me, so no copyright infringement here.