Edited May 2020

This is a poem I wrote in the span of a few hours. I went with the flow of the words and the story with the addition of imagery that came to me in dreams. Largely inspired by Dan Bejar’s writing process, where its mostly stream of consciousness loosely related by motifs. I had an idea of a story about a girl, Esmeralda, and her tragic story about her lover who was part of the local navy. My aim was not to describe the story in a sense that would be literally understood, rather I wanted the words to convey the feelings of tragedy and romanticism I sought after. Destroyer, the work of singer/songwriter and company, has lately been an influence in my work, and so I sought to invoke his unique method of indirect storytelling that made me fall in love with their music. This project in particular was inspired by their album Rubies. The meaning of the word isn’t just literal definition, but it can be it’s poetic feeling as well.

Listen to: Rubies by Destroyer