Taken April 2020, after an incident in my home’s garage.

A shattered sea of mirrors provided the perfect opportunity for an interesting photography session. Unfortunately, due to a bad batch of glue, about a dozen mirrors shattered on the floor of the garage. However, I decided to take advantage of this disaster to have an ethereal sort of photo-shoot. I made use of the reflections in the mirror, the way the flash of my camera bounced on them, and the focus of my lens to evoke a sense of discomfort and wonder. The color palette was inspired by one of my favorite albums by Destroyer, called Rubies. The cover of that album had such a mysterious and old-timey aura and was also surrounded by deep shades of red and maroon (See here). These pictures would later be used for a video of the same name as this set (see here).

Listen to: Rubies by Destroyer