Edited February 2019.

The first video I created for Okayama Denim. We go over the meticulous process of product packaging. This was the first proper video project I did with Okayama Denim. The purpose was simple, to show off the packaging process in which much care goes into. We worked with two angles, repeating the process twice. The top angle was recorded first. Then the second time around, we shot close-ups with our Gimbal stabilizer. The variety of angles and shots made the editing process easy in this case. I had the flexibility of cutting back and forth between these to keep up the pace. Much like the other projects, the music was chosen at the end. I was successful in pitching this kind of vibe for the project and my coworkers loved it. Overall, I got good experience using a gimbal, setting up lights, and organizing a set. There was no exaggeration to the packaging process in this video, rather we just added style to it.