Edited February 2022.

Crimson Tide by Destroyer

An old star jaded by the entertainment industry. Looking back at their life and the work that brought them fame. Meanwhile seeing and criticizing the rising stars, as they see the world for what it is: an endless climb. When at the top, one can only go down, and get lost in the haze. It was kind of a challenge to put this together. It took a few tries to try and get a good cut of the footage. It honestly is a a part of the process, since I take footage before I even have the video planned out. The full concept came to me once I took a good look at the lyrics, and realized that the song was talking about some sort of old famous person just feeling jade about heir particular industry. They were walking down memory lane so to speak. They were remembering with cynicism and jadedness rather than happiness and nostalgia. So I thought about visuals that literally traveled down the screen. The pixelated parts were inspired by Destroyer’s own approach to music. They play like an old school jam band would, but add all sorts of synths and drum machines to the mix, it’s a mix of past and current. Maybe this only makes sense to me. Still, I’m quite happy with how the visuals turned out.

I do not own the song used in this video, nor do I make any money from this.