Edited February 2020.


I’ve always loved haunting visuals. Anything uncanny or creepy that makes my skin crawl makes for good late night content. I was particularly inspired to create this piece as a result of conversations I had been having with my family around that time. Spirituality, even though I don’t really talk about it much, has been a great form of inspiration for my art. My family and I talk about it form time to time, and this piece to me reflects that hesitation or even fear I may have towards this subject. The visuals reflect common fears which include paranoia and what may be hidden in the darkness of the night and “taboo” practices. The narration was very inspired by Welcome to Night Vale, a spooky podcast I listen to a lot, so this was an attempt to try and replicate the air of mystery the podcast manages to keep so well. We all keep some sort of secret, one that even us wouldn’t want to believe to be true. So what happens when you let out that dark part of your mind?